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For some reason or another, when I was a child and I’d see Henry Rollins on the tv, it’d scare the shit out of me. I don’t know why this happened, it could’ve been that maybe at the time his music scared me? Who knows, but it’s a fact that’s true and it can’t be unchanged. Aside from knowing that Henry Rollins is a musician and former lead singer of Black Flag, and that he’s been in a few random (Jack and the Chase) and bad ass (Bad Boys II and Heat), I don’t know that much about him. I know he’s well educated and nothing taught me that more than when I listened to a bonus episode of the podcast Girl On Guy, hosted by the beautiful and talented, bad ass, Aisha Tyler.

Recently, Henry spoke with Westword magazine, and had this to say about the benefits of cannabis legalization:

“I was in Denver for last year’s Cannabis Cup. It was a great event. I think if alcohol and tobacco are legal, then cannabis should be as well. I didn’t find anything interesting, really. It’s just a thing that people have been using all over the world and in America, the man found a new way to discriminate and divide and made it a minorities’ drug. It’s about time to evolve on the issue. When you’re in Holland, there are hashish bars all over. The only people in them are tourists. The locals are bored. Eventually that will happen in America. If you legalize/decriminalize it, America will survive. The benefits I think are in the medical aspect and not throwing someone in jail for possession. The drawback is the fact that it took so long. Past that, it’s weed. America survives the largest prison population, an aversion to science, healthcare for all, education and sustainability. We can’t start wars fast enough and we think peace is for weaklings. What’s some cannabis going to do?” (via)

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