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Cannabis legalization continues to spread across the country, and with it comes culture change, new ideas and a brand new industry.

As one of the first two states to allow recreational marijuana, Washington is a test case for how to build a legal regulatory network from scratch. Colorado, the other leading test case, had an already existing medical marijuana infrastructure to build from, where Washington’s was largely unregulated.

The marijuana market – both medical and recreational – and the structure in Washington seems to change on a daily basis. And there have been many road bumps already in recreational cannabis’ slow and clunky start.

And as new states come online, including neighboring Oregon, the situation in Southwest Washington is likely to change even more.

Cannabis Chronicles is not here to judge legalization.

We’re here to study it, watch it evolve and hopefully encourage open dialogue about all aspects of it.

When the first legal stores opened in Vancouver in early July 2014, we made a choice to cover the industry in the traditional manner, but we also wanted to look at it as a new consumer-focused market.

To that end, we created the Cannabis Chronicles blog, which has grown into the Cannabis Chronicles portal site you see today.

We often liken marijuana legalization to the start of the microbrewery industry. And in many ways, Clark County marijuana companies are a lot like microbrewers – they’re inventing, innovating and attempting to build an industry that has never existed before.

We want to give cannabis consumers information about the industry, its products and how to use them safely. We aim to share product reviews, news, videos and thoughts from all parts of the industry.

And, of course, we want to have fun along the way.

Thank you for joining us on this wild adventure! Cheers!



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