CannaMan Farms prepares for first harvest

Shane Wahl, head gardener at Vancouver’s CannaMan Farms, has been working nonstop for several weeks preparing for the company’s first harvest, which should happen soon.

Shane Wahl
Shane Wahl

I paid a visit to him on Friday, June 27, to check out how things have been coming along.

Needless to say, the plants are much bigger and there are many more of them.


Wahl is heavily into organic agriculture and is working on several strains of the plant, each with different properties. The company’s goal is to be gourmet, maybe a little higher priced, but also much better quality than some of the state’s larger growers that will just churn out a strain or two in mass quantities.

“I want to make sure I’m bringing a very top, top quality,” Wahl said. “I cure my product for 30 days, too. Most producers only do a week or two.”


Curing the product involves hanging the flower buds upside down and drying them out so they can be smoked. It helps keep the flavors and also increases the THC content, he said.

“You want to make sure they keep all the great aromas and tastes,” Wahl said. “It’s sort of like having a 2006 wine versus a 1906 wine. Curing gives it a bit more time to sit and build itself.”

The first strains to go to stores will probably be Godzilla, New Kush and Cinex, Wahl said.

He’s also preparing about 20 others, including some much slower growing varieties.


CannaMan Farms products may not be available when the first stores open on July 1, but probably by mid July you’ll be able to pick up some of their buds at Vancouver retail shops, Wahl said.

CannaMan Farms Logo
CannaMan Farms Logo

Owner Brian Stroh has been talking to representatives from some of the six stores approved for Vancouver about stocking the line, Wahl added.