Vancouver pot stores may lag behind Spokane July opening

So the manager of the first retail pot store in Washington State announced he’ll be ready to open in Spokane on July 1.

Here’s the story on The Columbian’s website about that: Marijuana retail store to open July 1 in Spokane

That’s a lot sooner than most folks had anticipated, myself included.

Columbian photo illustration
Columbian photo illustration

But as the first store opens, it will do so with a significant supply issue. There’s still only a few dozen growers up and running across the state and they’re only just starting to reap their first harvests. The majority of producers and processors have yet to be licensed.

In Vancouver, one license applicant (who asked not to be named because of safety issues) said it’s likely that he and others won’t be able to clear all the paperwork hurdles and set up shop until at least early September.

That’s probably optimistic. There’s a series of background checks, financial disclosures and site investigations to get through before the city’s six approved stores (chosen by lottery) are officially licensed. And after the checks are done and the licenses issued, one owner estimated it would take four to six weeks to prepare his shop.

In the meantime, all eyes will be on Spokane’s Kouchlock Productions as it prepares to open.