“Cannabis friendly” event coming to Mint Tea

Jenna Eckert, co-owner of Mint Tea, thinks its about time for legal marijuana to come even further out into the open.

So she’s holding Vancouver’s first “cannabis friendly” event at her shop at 2014 Main Street – at least the first one since recreational marijuana stores opened in the state.

(Jenna Eckert)
(Jenna Eckert)

Granted, the legalities are vague about private lounges or clubs allowing use of marijuana.

The overarching laws say if you can’t smoke tobacco at a location, you can’t smoke pot there either. And of course you also can’t smoke marijuana in public, or smoke anything in public buildings.

But private smoking clubs? That’s an issue that could come up in the next legislative session. For now it’s uncharted territory.

Knowing that, Eckert said she wants to put herself out there.

The restaurant, which also sells some funky imported items, will allow cannabis consumption at its 21-and-over “New Moon Mystic Eve” event from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, July 26.

The business will technically be closed for the event, which will have a $10 cover charge to pay for the event for “invited” visitors to attend (which seems to mean just showing up and asking if you can come in).

(Smoking friendly tent at Mint Tea)
(Smoking friendly tent at Mint Tea)

She hopes the city will take a lenient attitude toward it, but even if not, she said she will use the event to get the conversation about marijuana use out into the open.

“People can smoke, they can bring their edibles, they can do all that,” Eckert said. “I really feel that now that (marijuana) is legal we need to open this up. If I’m in the hot box because of that, that’s OK.”

Marijuana use at the event won’t be visible from the street. It will be allowed under a tent outside on the restaurant’s deck.

And actually, any time the store is open, if somebody wants to consume marijuana under the semi-permanent tent – so long as they ask any customers in the area if they’re OK with it first – Eckert said they are welcome to do so.

(inside Mint Tea)
(inside Mint Tea)

With her store about two blocks away from Main Street Marijuana, 2314 Main Street, she said she’s already had some customers take her up on that offer.

“I don’t want to run around anymore and hide,” Eckert said. “When you make something illegal it creates a mystique about it. We need to remove that now that cannabis is legal.”

The tent is 20 away from the door and meets requirements for smoking tobacco as well, she added.

The Saturday event is essentially a spiritual ceremony aimed at channeling the power of the new moon, Eckert said.

It’s is a combination of Wiccan, astrological, Native American and other rituals.

“The new moon, it’s as powerful if not more powerful than the full moon,” Eckert said. “The new moon is about setting intentions. We want to lower the veil, to allow us to capture more of the spiritual side of ourselves. New Moon Mystic Eve is only for 21 and older, and cannabis can be part of that.”


A drum group will perform outside for the first hour and a half, followed by some indoor activities later on in the evening, she added. “We’ll have Tarot readings, massage,” Eckert said.

Check out Mint Tea online for more information at www.mintteaimports.com.

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