Main Street Marijuana stocks its shelves

The folks at Main Street Marijuana have been busy getting ready for Wednesday’s grand opening.

The store got its licenses from the state and city on Monday, and the first shipment of marijuana should arrive late Tuesday.

In the meantime, workers have finished installing the new floors, polished up the displays and started stocking the glassware and other items associated with marijuana use.


Beyond pipes and what-not, the store has gotten some shipments of assorted items that they aren’t really sure what to do with.

Case in point, the AK-47 cigarette lighter:


Chris Stipe, one of the managers, said he thinks the lighters are a bit excessive for the store.

“I’m not sure we really want to sell those,” Stipe said with a laugh.

Ramsey Hamide, another manager, said they’ll likely send the lighters back because they send the wrong message.

Along with the lighters, the store also got a shipment of small baggies with camoflage and another with little dollar bills printed all over them. They also probably will head back to the distributor.

The store does have some cool funky items though – like non-dairy creamer cans and fudge topping jars that are actually pot stash containers.


And, forgive the fuzzy image, but they’ll also have lighters that are pretty close to the length of my arm.


As of Monday afternoon, the pot retail store has secured 7.5 pounds of marijuana and several hundred pre-rolled joints for opening day, Hamide said.

The store expects to offer for sale 672 2-gram packages and 399 4-gram packages of marijuana bud flowers and 90 packages of five pre-rolled 1-gram joints.

After tax, the 2-gram packages will sell for $50, the 4-gram packages will sell for $100 and the 5-gram packages of pre-rolled joints will sell for $60, he said.

Due to the potentially overwhelming demand, for now customers will be limited to either 4 grams of buds or 1 pack of joints, although Hamide said he expects the supply situation to improve in the next six to eight weeks.

(Ramsey Hamide sits in Main Street Marijuana's lounge area on a break from setting up shelves.)
(Ramsey Hamide sits in Main Street Marijuana’s lounge area on a break from setting up shelves.)

Overall the store’s really starting to shape up. I’m looking forward to checking out the scene and how everything looks at 11 a.m. on July 9 at the ribbon cutting.