Marijuana store hours: A moving target

Over the first five days or so of marijuana sales in Vancouver, store hours and supply amounts have changed it seems almost hour by hour.

(Leavitt enters the store prior to the ribbon cutting)
(Leavitt enters the store prior to the ribbon cutting)

Here’s a quick update of what’s going on.

New Vansterdam completely sold out of product on Sunday night. That was a big surprise, said Brain Budz, one of the owners, because they had planned out a steady supply that they thought would keep them open through the week.

“We never had one down second,” Budz said. “From the minute we opened the door it was non-stop. It was just beyond our expectations.”

The store plans to look at its strategy and build up supply again from shipments this week. It will reopen at 11 a.m. on Friday and probably stay open until around 8 p.m., Budz said. Those hours will hopefully continue through the weekend if stock remains.

“We have several different shipments arriving during the week,” Budz said. “We’ve learned one thing – you don’t know until it’s checked into the store how much stock you’ll actually have.”

Main Street Marijuana had to close over the weekend because it ran out of stock. It’s open today (7/14/2014) with a 20 percent off all glass items sale. They won’t have product again until tomorrow.

Main Street is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and they should have marijuana packages ready for sale when they open on Tuesday, but right now it’s in quarantine, said Ramsey Hamide, a manager.

“A busy store in the Washington State system right now could probably sell 20 pounds a day if there were no weight restrictions,” Hamide said.

The store should have enough stock to stay open for the rest of the week, he said.

“It’s kind of cool, when we were shut down (New Vansterdam) had product, now when they’ve shut down we have product,” Hamide said. “It almost looks like we planned it. It’s good with the irregularities in the market so far that there are two stores here in Vancouver.”

Main Street Marijuana will have Farmer J’s Famous J’s, Sour Kush and Blue Dream for sale on Tuesday, he added.

Covering the stores over the past week, the hours have changed several times at both. I think things will likely settle down in a month or so when supplies get more steady.

Here’s a bit more from my story in The Columbian: Product flies off shelves at local pot stores

Here’s the contact info for both stores (and it’s always a good idea to call or check the stores’ social media sites to make sure they have product in stock before you visit):

New Vansterdam:
(360) 597-4739
6515 E Mill Plain Blvd
Facebook Page
@NVansterdam on Twitter

Main Street Marijuana:
(360) 828-7737
2314 Main St.
@mainstmj on Twitter
Facebook Page