New grower approved in Battle Ground

A new tier 3 grower called “Agrijuana” has been approved to set up shop in Battle Ground.

The company was approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board for both producer and processor licenses sometime in the last week. The approvals were listed in the applicant list released by the board on Tuesday afternoon.


I had a quick conversation with Matt Olson, one of the owners, this morning and he told me they’re still working on paperwork and other details and aren’t ready to say much yet. They do, however, already have a location and are moving forward.

“It’s a new business,” Olson said. “We’re just trying to work with the state and city of Battle Ground to get set up.”

Hopefully when they’re a bit further along I’ll be able to visit and check out their site.

That makes three grower/processors now approved in parts of Clark County:

1. CannaMan Farms in Vancouver, a Tier 1 (the smallest) grower. That site is up, running and harvesting and has sold product at New Vansterdam.

2. Gensys One in Woodland, a Tier 3 (the largest) grower, which is in unincorporated Clark County and has issues with the ban by the Clark County Commission. (See this story by Tyler Graf for more: County stands firm on pot)

3. Agrijuana in Battle Ground, a Tier 3, which is probably at least eight weeks or more out from producing product (since it takes at least 8 weeks to go from sprout to harvest). The operation doesn’t have a website yet but we’ll post something when they do.

With that, there are still about 120 applicants for growers licenses in Clark County that are awaiting approval from the liquor control board. The board has been swamped with applicants so it could be a while before they get through all of them, but at least they’re making some small amount of progress.

Hopefully we’ll see more of these new businesses soon.