Product tips from marijuana customers

I put out a call on social media for input on any strains people have tried so far from local shops.

I got a few responses, and if I get more on this post I’ll continue to update it. If you’ve tried some of the local products and want to share your thoughts I’d love to hear them!



Alex Redbud (From Facebook): Tried many strains from both Vancouver Stores, and a few from Freedom Market in Kelso.

Overall, I’d say the grower, Kouchlock (Spokane), was the best. Great strains and consistent quality.

Peninsula Cannabis (Olympic Peninsula) was easily the worst. It tasted bad, smoked rough, and was all around weak smoke. I tried their Sour Diesel and Blue Dream.

Girl Scout Cookie from “CannaSol Farms” (Riverside) was my favorite strain, and Montana Silver Tip from Buddy Boy Farms (Ford) was also really good.

Monkey Grass Farms (Wenatchee) was questionable, I tried Querkie, Dutch Treat and Amnesia from them. All of them seemed rushed, like they needed more time in every phase of the grow.

Oh I cant forget about Farmer J’s (Spokane). Great quality all around. Tried Sour Kush and Famous Kush. Would buy both of those again.

James R. Fuller (From Facebook): OG’s pearl from Nine Point Growth Industries (Bremerton) was excellent, copper kush on the other hand was horrible.

Buddy Boy Farms (Ford) royal queen was decent, gods gift also decent. Montana silver tip from Buddy Boy was excellent.

All the state grown herb needs to be cured longer.

Nick Gibson (From Twitter): (Shortly after opening day) I did 4 grams Sour Kush (from Farmer J‘s of Spokane) on Wed (July 9) from Main Street Marijuana and 2 grams Copper Kush (Nine Point Growth Industries of Bremerton) today (July 12) from New Vansterdam. Both Excellent. The whole experience has been awesome and the Copper Kush is my favorite so far.