Evergreen pot film comes to Liberty in Camas

The Camas Liberty Theatre will host a regional premiere of “Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington” from August 8-14. Looks like an interesting film to check out if you’re interested in I502 and marijuana legalization.


Here’s a description of the film sent out by the Liberty:

Evergreen: The Road to Legalization, Documentary, Regional Premiere

Tracking the behind-the-scenes efforts of both the pro- and anti-initiative groups, Evergreen serves as a case study for other states in determining how to reform their own drug policies and examines the civic, economic and human impact of marijuana legalization.

Against the backdrop of the 40-year-old War on Drugs, the state of Washington becomes a key battleground in the fight for cannabis prohibition reform.

A growing medical pot industry paves the way for cultural change, while an unprecedented team of political superstars and local celebrities put forth a plan, known as Initiative 502, that they hope will balance the delicate politics of the region and stand a chance to pass in the November elections.

But many in the local cannabis community are vehemently opposed to I-502, saying it imposes harsh and scientifically arbitrary DUI laws, new taxes, additional restrictions and penalties that negatively impact youth, medical marijuana patients and providers.

These unexpected opposing forces create a scintillating inside look at a political clash, showing just how advanced the perspective of many Americans has become on drug policy.

And here’s a review in the Hollywood Reporter: Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington: Film Review

Showtimes: Granada Studio at the Liberty Theatre in Camas, August 8-14 at 8:30 nightly.