New grower approved in Brush Prairie

A new grower – the fourth in Clark County – has been approved by the Liquor Control Board to set up shop in Brush Prairie.

The tier two farm, Welwater, appeared on the approved list released by the department on Aug. 5.

(Ted S. Warren/AP)
(Ted S. Warren/AP)

Brush Prairie is in unincorporated Clark County, but owner William Locke said he’s ready to be a test case to see how solid the county ban on marijuana businesses actually is.

He plans to move forward and is bringing in plants as part of the 15-day magic window allowed by the state for new marijuana businesses.

“I’m just waiting for (the county) to issue me a citation for a code violation,” Locke said.

If the county fines him or issues him a citation, he will sue them, he said.

Prior to this business, Locke owned a water purification business at the same site. He’s also been a medical grower for the past three years, he said.

He plans to market both flower and infused oil for cooking once he’s up and running. He thinks it will be a few months before his first plants mature.

So, the four grower/processors now approved in parts of Clark County now are:

1. CannaMan Farms in Vancouver, a Tier 1 (the smallest) grower. That site is up, running and harvesting and has sold product at New Vansterdam.

2. Gensys One in Woodland, a Tier 3 (the largest) grower, which is in unincorporated Clark County and has issues with the ban by the Clark County Commission. (See this story by Tyler Graf for more: County stands firm on pot)

3. Agrijuana in Battle Ground, a Tier 3, which is probably at least eight weeks or more out from producing product (since it takes at least 8 weeks to go from sprout to harvest). The operation doesn’t have a website yet but we’ll post something when they do.

4. Welwater (web site in progress) in Brush Prairie, a Tier 2 grower.

There are still more than 100 applicants for growers licenses in Clark County that are awaiting approval from the liquor control board.