Product notes: The good, the bad and the ugly

I know Vancouver’s two pot shops are reluctant to name growers that they’ve had negative experiences with. In a severe shortage, it’s always a good idea to not irritate your suppliers.

But fortunately for us, our readers don’t live under the same restrictions. So I put out a call today for folks to send us tips on which growers they’d recommend and which they’d suggest avoiding.


I’ll add whatever I get in the area below – please feel free to also tell us what you think in the comments section or on our Facebook or Twitter sites.


Mrs. Nice Guy, who has a local cannabis blog, recently gave props to Vancouver’s CannaMan Farms and a nice review of their Cinex strain.

Her comment on Twitter was: “CannaMan Farms & Monkey Grass are my favorites right now, but have only tried 4 strains in total since stores opened.”

Alex Redbud, who has tried a wide variety of stock bought from Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam, gave us a great rundown on Facebook.

Here’s what she said (all comments below are hers):

My favorites: Cannasol Farms, CannaMan Farms, Farmer J’s, Kouchlock, Nine Point.

(Liberty Reach appears to be a good grower as well, but I’ve only tried 1 of their strains, so I didn’t put them on my list. I’ve seen or tested multiple strains from everyone else on here.)

AVERAGE/LOW Quality: Buddy Boy Farms, Monkey Grass Farms.

POOR Quality: Peninsula Cannabis, Verdevante, Blewetts.

(Girl Scout Cookie from Cannasol Farms on the left, Pineapple Kush from Monkey Grass Farms on the right - Alex Redbud)
(Girl Scout Cookie from Cannasol Farms on the left, Pineapple Kush from Monkey Grass Farms on the right – Alex Redbud)

Some specifics:

Buddy Boy Farms (AVG/LOW): Good, strong product. Curing method might need adjusting based on how dried/brittle the stems were, and it should be trimmed better. Not too many leaves, but it makes the smoke harsh if you don’t remove them yourself.

Monkey Grass Farms (AVG/LOW): Mixed quality. I’ve had some great strains, and some very poor strains. Its usually on the leafy side, and pretty rough to smoke. I would suggest they cut back on the variety of strains, and focus on growing a few to perfection. It takes a few generations for most growers to find what works best with each strain. Trial and error. “Rainbow” was a really good strain, I’d love to see it again after a few grow cycles. Also worth noting, I criticized MGF’s methods, and now i’m completely blocked from commenting on their facebook page. I always try to be constructive with my criticism, but I guess they weren’t having it.

Poor Quality growers: Peninsula Cannabis smelled like strong chemicals. It smoked okay, but the smell turned me off completely. Verdevante: just poor quality trimming all around. When you cant see the bud because its covered in leaves, dont buy it. Blewetts: all leaf joints. Leaf is harsh to smoke and tastes terrible. I wouldn’t recommend anyone smoke leaf, ever. Its just gross.