Both Vancouver pot shops open for Aug. 1 weekend

In what seems like a good sign that the statewide recreational marijuana shortage is improving, both of Vancouver’s pot shops will be open this weekend, each with about 15 strains available from different growers.

(a strain sniffer at New Vansterdam)
(a strain sniffer at New Vansterdam)

Main Street Marijuana, which reopened Monday (July 28) after a showdown with price gouging growers, has been open all week with several strains.

New Vansterdam, which shut down early on Friday (July 25) and stayed closed all week has restocked and is also good to go for the weekend, said manager Don Joling.

Both stores open at 11 a.m. this morning (Aug. 1) and should be open until 10 p.m. (but please check their social media to be sure before heading over). Here’s what they said they’ll have in stock (Also if you want to see some of the strains check out reader Alex Redbud’s reviews and pictures in this post):

New Vansterdam (price range is generally $16 to $24 a gram based on THC levels):
Ultra Lemon Haze, CannaSol Farms
Headband, CannaSol Farms
Kandy Skunk, CannaSol Farms
Burmese Kush, CannaSol Farms
Dynamite, CannaSol Farms
Cinex, CannaSol Farms
Durban Poison, CannaSol Farms
Strawberry Cough, CannaSol Farms
Frontier Blue Dream, CannaSol Farms
Cherwillie, CannaSol Farms
Girl Scout Cookie, CannaSol Farms
Cinex, CannaMan Farms
Blue Dream, Buddy Boy
Purple Jolly Rancher, Buddy Boy
Sweet Lafayette, Nine Point
3-joint blunts, Blewett

Main Street Marijuana (price is generally about $25 a gram):
Durban Poison
Girl Scout Cookie
Burmese Kush
Kandy Skunk
Chem Dawg #1
Ultra Lemon Haze
Sour Kush
Kandy Skunk Joint Prerolls

Store info:

New Vansterdam:
(360) 597-4739
6515 E Mill Plain Blvd
Facebook Page
@NVansterdam on Twitter

Main Street Marijuana:
(360) 828-7737
2314 Main St.
@mainstmj on Twitter
Facebook Page