What’s up this week at Vancouver pot shops (8/14/14)

UPDATE (8/14/14): Main Street Marijuana is closed, will reopen Friday afternoon after expected shipment arrives. New Vansterdam has been closed all week, will reopen Saturday at 11 a.m. with new stock.

Just a little update on Vancouver’s two pot shops for the week (of Aug. 11).

Main Street Marijuana has a good amount of stock from a variety of growers available and should be open all week and through the weekend, said manager Ramsey Hamide.

The store has a 20-pound shipment of Blue Dream, one of the most popular strains at both Vancouver stores, coming from grower BMF Washington on Friday. The shipment will be followed by more stock from BMF the following week, Hamide said.

The subsequent shipment from BMF should include two other strains: Presidential OG Kush and Headband.

“We also have vape pens coming very soon from BMF called Juju Joints,” Hamide said.


Juju Joints have about 150 puffs worth of cannabis extract, or about 3 grams of cannabis in a disposable vaporizer that looks like a cigarette. Hamide said he thinks they’ll sell for about $125 each.

New Vansterdam, which launched the city’s first line of RIF vape pens on Saturday, sold out on Sunday and will likely be closed until the weekend, said manager Don Joling.

Those pens sell for about $120 and include a reusable vaporizer and one cartridge. Customers can buy replacement cartridges from the store for about $80, Joling said.


“I think we’ll also have Mirth Legal Soda very soon, though we haven’t settled on a deal yet,” Joling said.

Both stores expect the first edible products, including the sodas, in the next week or so.

Have you tried any new strains or vape pens yet? What do you guys think of them? Let us know!

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)

Store info:

New Vansterdam:
(360) 597-4739
6515 E Mill Plain Blvd
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@NVansterdam on Twitter

Main Street Marijuana:
(360) 828-7737
2314 Main St.
@mainstmj on Twitter
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