Harvesting with Farmer Tom Lauerman

I went out to Tom Lauerman’s farm this morning to chat with him about the harvesting phase of farming.

Most outdoor growers – both I-502 and medical – are entering their big harvest season right now. And farmers are cutting down plants, hanging them to dry and curing them (which basically means letting them sit in a controlled environment so the flavors can mature).

(Farmer Tom Lauerman)
(Farmer Tom Lauerman)

The harvest season is good news for recreational customers that have been hit with high prices, because as the outdoor grows harvest and prep for sale, the shortage issues will lessen somewhat. That said, there’s likely to still be some supply issues until the market further matures in a few years.

Vancouver store owners think prices will soon start to drop down to the $15 to $25 per gram range out the door, compared with the spikes in recent weeks of $30 to $38 per gram. The hope is the market will start to correct itself after the initial chaos.

I took some raw video out at Tom’s farm of the harvesting process, and I thought I’d share them here. I’m not much of a video editor, so bear with me.

Hope you enjoy!