Pot sales so far: $12.09 million, taxes: $3.02 million

Here’s a kitchen sink update for everybody for this week (Starting Monday, Sept. 8, 2014):

The Washington State Liquor Control Board reported marijuana sales of $12.09 million through Sept. 8, with $3.02 million in excise tax. Here’s a more detailed look if you’re interested:

(Marijuana sales and taxes through Sept. 8)
(Marijuana sales and taxes through Sept. 8)

Shortages remain a problem in most of the state, as do high prices – with a range of $25 to $35 a gram in many shops.

Most say the bulk of the customer base are aging Baby Boomers, many of whom want to use the product for pain or other consequences of aging, Vancouver store workers have said. Another large group of customers are tourists coming in from the Portland Airport, at least in our region.

Stores continue to close for short periods of time when they run out of product. In Vancouver, the problem is somewhat less severe because the two shops – Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam – have tried to coordinate so that at least one of them is open when the other has to close, although both have been open more frequently of late.

(Customers have frequently lined the block around Main Street Marijuana to buy new products)
(Customers have frequently lined the block around Main Street Marijuana to buy new products)

As of today (Tuesday, Sept. 9), New Vansterdam is closed and awaiting a new shipment, Main Street Marijuana is open with about 12 pounds of product, and expects to be open for the rest of the week.

At Main Street, prices are $32 (if you buy a $16 pipe you get a $16 gram) or $35 per gram (if you don’t partake of the deal). Other stores in the state have similar deals, or so I’ve heard. Those deals have to do with federal tax issues.

New Vansterdam’s stock and price list (or at least a general idea of it) is online here: http://newvansterdam.com/menu/menu-summary/

In Vancouver, we’ve seen very few edibles – just one shipment to New Vansterdam which is long gone. Vape pens and vapor cartridges are becoming more readily available, along with buds.

The availability of edibles, tinctures and other products are likely still at least a few weeks out, I’ve been told.

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)

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