What’s in a name? Ask Brian Budz

Here’s a little lighthearted tidbit for a Tuesday afternoon.

It seems like every time I write anything about Brian Budz, one of the owners of New Vansterdam, there’s always at least one person who comments, asking if that’s his real last name.

(Brian Budz)
(Brian Budz)

It does seem almost too perfect a name for the owner of a pot shop that sells buds, after all.

But Budz says that despite the occasional giggle or disbelieving wink, it absolutely is his real name.

“It’s Polish, actually,” Budz said. “And I honestly have no Earthly idea what it means.”

The name was shortened from something else when his ancestors came to Ellis Island, but no current family members know what it was shortened from, he said.

“I actually spent a good chunk of my college years looking for it, but I couldn’t find anything,” Budz said.

Still, he admits it is quite fitting for a pot shop owner.

“Maybe I should start telling people it’s my nom de guerre, just to mix things up,” Budz said. “But yes, it is my real last name.”

Anyway, now you know.

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)