Sundays apparently aren’t pot shopping fun days

So I was looking through the new marijuana sales details from the Washington Liquor Control Board (they update here every Tuesday: http://www.liq.wa.gov/records/frequently-requested-lists) and got curious about what the best sales days are every week.

So far, sales from July 8, when the first stores opened, through Oct. 5 are $21.2 million and excise taxes are $5.3 million.

In that time, in the not-very-surprising category, two of the biggest shopping days have been Fridays and Saturdays.

More surprising, perhaps, is that the numbers dip quite a bit on Sundays, despite most folks having that day off work with time to go to the store.


If there is a third most popular sales day, it’s Thursday. It seems that the market is slower generally from Sunday through Wednesday, then picks up steam on Thursday and into the weekend.

The biggest sales day in the state so far was Friday, August 15, when stores raked in $859,925. Not sure what was going on that day – if anybody knows I’d love to hear why.

The other big spikes tend to be in the $550,000 range, mostly on Fridays rather than Saturdays. But nothing so far gets close to that August 15 record.

Here’s the chart if you want to have a look for yourself:

(LCB sales figures through Oct. 5)
(LCB sales figures through Oct. 5)

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-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)

Here’s my copy with the sales spikes highlighted if anybody’s interested (sorry for the blurry cell phone image):