Peter Zuckerman: Oregon Measure 91 update

Peter Zuckerman, Oregon’s Yes on 91 communications director, sent me a quick update on how legalization efforts are coming along for our southern neighbors.


Here’s what he said:

Here are three updates on the Oregon Measure 91 campaign to regulate, tax and legalize marijuana:

1. Next week, travel guru Rick Steves, who co-sponsored the Washington bill to legalize marijuana, will be traveling through Oregon on a 6-day, 10-city tour called “Travel as a Political Act: Ending marijuana prohibition in Oregon.” He also narrates this motion graphic that explains marijuana regulation in 45 seconds:


There’s also a new infographic that explains it:


2. We just pulled the trigger on our $2 million plus ad blitz, launching our first prime time TV spot. It features a law enforcement veteran, Pete Tutmark, who has spent 33 years in law enforcement, including many years as patrol sergeant, sheriff’s deputy and the supervisor of a K9 unit.

Here’s the ad:


3. We recently won a bunch more endorsements. The highest profile one is probably Oregon’s former chief US prosecutor Kris Olson. But we also won endorsements from several racial justice organizations, such as the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), Partnership for Safety and Justice and the Western States Center.