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Meet the grower: Zoots

Db3, the parent company of Zoots, makes a variety of drops, energy shots and infused lozenges under the Zoots brand.

Patrick Devlin, one of the co-founders of the company, visited New Vansterdam in November, 2014 to talk to customers about the products. I went over there to chat with him and ask how new product users should go about trying them.

(Patrick Devlin, co-founder of Db3, the company that makes Zoots, talks to customers at New Vansterdam)
(Patrick Devlin, co-founder of Db3, the company that makes Zoots, talks to customers at New Vansterdam)

“Our whole philosophy is about control, people dialing in what their own experience is,” Devlin said. “We don’t want people to end up going overboard. You can start with 5 milligrams, which really just makes you feel relaxed, and then dial up your experience from there.”

The company’s products come in 5 mg and 10 mg dosages, with multiple doses per pack. The idea is that you can take a small dose to start and then dial up to the desired amount slowly and precisely.

“So 10 milligrams is the equivalent of about a hit and a half,” Devlin said. “Personally I like a dose of about 7.5 milligrams.”

The products come in flavored drops and also bottled with herbs or espresso shots for a little extra kick.

They don’t, however, contain any cannabinoids other than THC.

The company removes THC from cannabis plants and uses it to get a specific dose in each product – so if you’re a strain snob that wants terpenes, CBD and other parts of the plant, Zoots might not be what you’re looking for.

That said, the company is also working on a CBD version, which should be ready in the coming months.


A Zoots dose can take somewhere between a half hour to a little over an hour to kick in, with stronger doses coming on more quickly, Devlin said.

Also, the effect is stronger if you take them on an empty stomach, he said.

Typically, the high lasts somewhere around 3 hours, but varies with higher doses.

Steven Gunn, a sales associate at New Vansterdam, said he has tried the product and, while he’s an admitted flower snob, he said he enjoyed it and would try it again.

“It was pretty cool,” Gunn said. “Definitely a fresh approach.”

He used 15 milligrams and said he felt it, but it wasn’t overwhelming. He’s a fairly big guy, so he decided to up the dosage he said.

“Flower has a completely different approach,” Gunn said. “Flower it’s harder to control. This is easier to control, slower to come on. I’m always a flower guy, but I would use this again.”

Shon-Lueiss Francoise Harris, a spokesman for New Vansterdam, said he has heard there will be a steady supply of the product available in coming months. The store is selling them for between $38 and $68 per package.

“So far the customer reviews are impressive,” Francoise Harris said. “People have come back and said they like them.”

(Francoise Harris looks at Zoots on display at New Vansterdam)
(Shon-Lueiss Francoise Harris looks at Zoots on display at New Vansterdam)

How about you? Have you tried Zoots? What did you think of them?

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