Checking in with CannaMan Farms

I popped by Clark County’s first I502 grower, CannaMan Farms on Monday – and the small Tier 1 facility has a lot going on, both in terms of new products and in the way of some insanely good luck.

CannaMan is a great operation with some very passionate growers, led by Shane Wahl, who started out on the medical side in Oregon. The farm has a strong focus on using natural products in the growing cycle – making its plants as close to Organic as possible (marijuana farms can’t use the word Organic to define products because that’s an FDA designation, and the federal agency doesn’t inspect illegal federal drugs. And they can get fined for using the name Organic. See this post for more on that.).

When I stopped by CannaMan, the company was packing up some new products and developing a few new strains for its arsenal.

One of those products is a cross between Cinex and Bubba Kush called Cannaman Coffee – named after the beverage because of the strain’s active high, Bryan Reeves, the assistant gardener told me.

Cannaman Coffee

Another strain coming soon is a high CBD variety called Zimbabwe Beauty – which has stunningly purple buds.

(Zimbabwe Beauty)
(Zimbabwe Beauty)

CannaMan is also packaging up bubble hash, which has been popular so far, and is hoping to be in some of Clark County’s new stores soon, said owner Brian Stroh.

The company’s products are often available at New Vansterdam.

So what’s the bit of insanely good luck?

It seems the cannabis gods were looking over the facility when a few weeks ago one of the metal halide grow lights blew and set a plastic curtain in a doorway on fire at 2 a.m.

(the light)
(the nefarious light)

Nobody was in the facility at the time, and the plastic curtain was between the mother plant room and the company’s stock room.

But as the fire burned down the sheet, it also burned into one of the irrigation lines on the floor, which ended up bursting, spurting water onto the curtain and putting out the fire before it spread.

And if that isn’t enough good luck, the fire was also right next to one of the facility’s air filters, which sucked all the smoke away from the mothers and the stock room.

(air filter)
(air filter)

“It was brief,” Stroh said with a relieved grin. “We had some water damage, but it’s all fixed now and we’re back up and running.”

The operation also installed new floors and has shifted some of its rooms around.

And while business has been slow with the glut of outdoor product on the market this winter, things are finally starting to pick up again in the new year, Stroh said.

“We’re starting to spread our base out up and down the I-5 corridor, so I’ve been on the road a lot lately,” Stroh said. “February has been a pretty good month for us and we think next month will be as well.”

The company is going to focus on six strains that it will rotate through. They include UW, the high-CBD Zimbabwe Beauty blackberry strain, Kali Mist and CannaMan Coffee.

Frosty bud

Customers I’ve talked to who have tried CannaMan strains have told me they’re some of the best they’ve tried on the market. The company has also updated its website – which is here if you want to check it out: http://www.cannamanfarms.com/.

Have you tried any CannaMan products recently? Let us know what you think!

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)