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Mrs. Nice Guy: Agent Orange strain review

Mrs. Nice Guy, who runs a great blog on all things marijuana here in Clark County, has offered to let us share some of her recreational marijuana strain reviews here on Cannabis Chronicles.

If anyone else is interested in reviewing strains, products or growers that can be purchased at Clark County I-502 stores, please let me know. One of my goals is to get as much consumer information out to the public as possible.

This week, Mrs. Nice Guy, also known as Becks, reviewed Agent Orange from Bondi Farms, a strain she picked up at the opening of Uptown’s High End Market Place on Jan. 31.

(Image from Mrs. Nice Guy)
(Image from Mrs. Nice Guy)

Her review is below. Please give her some love and also check out her blog at

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P.S. (Caveat caveat caveat blah blah blah) Any medical claims made in this review are not endorsed by The Columbian. They are the opinion of the reviewer. (Yes, we have to say that.)

Strain Review: Agent Orange from Bondi Farms
By Mrs. Nice Guy (Becks)

Born from Orange Velvet, a hybrid strain and, Jack the Ripper a sativa, we get Agent Orange a lovely addition to my cannabis arsenal. I say arsenal, but I don’t have one, I just meant my review arsenal I guess

(Image from Mrs. Nice Guy)
(Image from Mrs. Nice Guy)

I picked up Agent Orange a few weeks ago during High End Market Place’s soft opening.

I was being shown their samples by Gareth, one of High End’s owners and as soon as I smelled the citrus from Agent Orange, I knew I had to have it!

Leafly’s flavor description says that Agent Orange has sweet, citrus, orange flavors and let me tell you that whenever I sniff some of this Agent Orange I feel like I’m walking through an orange grove. When grown correctly this strain packs a wallop, yes, wallop!

The terpene levels are off the charts! The taste of Agent Orange is a sweet, fruity taste that I can’t get enough of, I can’t imagine what this stuff tastes like when you vape it! The buds I got were so full and fluffy, I wanted to use them as a pillow and to shove them up my nose simultaneously.

Though it’s listed on High End’s menu as a sativa, Leafly has it listed as a hybrid, I believe Agent Orange is actually a sativa dominant hybrid. Agent Orange is used to fight stress and anxiety, which makes sense because after smoking it, you’ll feel happy and uplifted.

When I first smoked Agent Orange I noticed the smell and taste and was in such awe of how great that was, I didn’t even realize that one hit got me that easily.

Though this is a pretty mellow strain, one hit will have you feeling its effects immediately! And though the one hit will get you high, it’s not an overwhelming feeling. Yeah, you’ll be high, but you’ll still be able to function and go about your day. I wouldn’t smoke this if you wake and bake to get you going, it made me a little too chill, and my eyes wound up getting a little dry and heavy.

That’s not something you want in the morning. Agent Orange is definitely something you’ll want to smoke after a long, hard day. It’s also great at getting you to start thinking, the cerebral effects are phenomenal. Great to smoke while you listen to music or when you want to be creative, it had the new Drake project sounding right.

Bondi Farms’ Agent Orange has 21% THCA, 0.88% THC, 0.34% CBD with a total of 19% cannabinoids, it was $40 for a 3.5 gram bag. Bondi Farms is named after a famous beach in Australia, but they’re located in Longview, WA. The name gives them a sense of relaxation, so it only made sense.

Their mission is to provide quality and consistent products, and are mainly focused on dry bud and prerolls for the time being. Their lead grower used to grow medically in Seattle, and was hired because he understands what quality cannabis means. I can tell you that their Agent Orange is quality and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bondi Farms.

So, to close this review, if you like highs that are relaxing, not overwhelming, that get your brain moving, you should definitely pick up some Agent Orange. The smell and taste alone will have you happy you tried this stuff out.

Agent Orange: 8 (on a scale of 1-10)