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Mrs. Nice Guy: Dirty Girl strain review

Mrs. Nice Guy, who runs a great blog on all things marijuana here in Clark County, has offered to let us share some of her recreational marijuana strain reviews here on Cannabis Chronicles.

This week, she reviewed Dirty Girl from Leaning Tree (a brand sold by PDT Technologies), which she bought at Uptown’s Main Street Marijuana.

(Leaning Tree packaging)
(Leaning Tree packaging)

Her review is below. Please give her some love and also check out her blog at

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P.S. (Caveat caveat caveat blah blah blah) Any medical claims made in this review are not endorsed by The Columbian. They are the opinion of the reviewer. (Yes, we have to say that.)

Strain Review: Dirty Girl from Leaning Tree
By Mrs. Nice Guy (Becks)

Dirty Girl is a sativa strain that was grown by Leaning Tree, out of the Columbia Basin.

Leaning Tree is an outdoor grower in the town of Quincy. I am unable to find them on social media or when I search them in Google.

(Dirty Girl from Leaning Tree)
(Dirty Girl from Leaning Tree)

I picked up an eighth of Dirty Girl back when Main Street had $40 eighths and $199 ounces. This was back towards the end of January, so I doubt they still have those prices.

I will say that when the local recreational shops lower prices to those of let’s say the black market, or the medical side, things get crazy. I had never been to Main Street before, but it was so packed!

I’m not very fond of the layout Main Street has, it’s easy for that place to get crowded if enough people enter, especially with that counter in the middle of the shop.

I’m one of those people who judge weed by looks a lot of the time, and after purchasing this, I didn’t think it looked all that great.

Instead of the pack being filled with full nugs, I was met with smaller, darker, denser buds. This is a strain that’s great for using in your grinder. Sometimes I find that the harder a nug is, the stickier it can be.

We’ve all heard the saying, you should never judge a book by its cover, and with Dirty girl those words have never rang truer. For something that looked SO mediocre (it could’ve just been my pack), I was surprised at how great this strain made me feel.

With a THC total of 15.24%, Dirty Girl packs a little punch. I first smoked it in the morning and it left me feeling happy and uplifted, and the comedown wasn’t bad either.

I tried Dirty Girl during a week where I had to be up early and this stuff really helped me adjust. Later that day I brought Dirty Girl over to a friends to see what they thought, the next day I was told to bring it over again.

Strains like Dirty Girl, ones that are meant to uplift you and make you feel happy are great for people who need to chill out!

Dirty Girl isn’t a strain that’s going to have you focused on much. After smoking it, you won’t be MESSED UP, but it will definitely have you feeling pretty giddy and social.

(Dirty Girl from Leaning Tree)
(Dirty Girl from Leaning Tree)

Remember your younger days, smoking with friends and just laughing? Dirty Girl is that strain and I am so glad I got to introduce to my friends.

Every time I smoked this, I listened to a lot of music, felt like I was in my own “Shiny Happy People” video, and killed my DVR. If you know me at all, that thing can get pretty full.

Dirty Girl is great to have on hand during social events, as its sativa effects will have you more talkative. You can definitely taste the topical flavors in Dirty Girl, I didn’t get the lemon candy taste, but I did get a sweet, almost pineapple taste instead. The smell is somewhat of a sweeter smelling pine-sol and it isn’t overwhelming or overpowering.

So, if you’re looking for a strain to make you happy, calmer, and more social, I highly suggest checking out Dirty Girl if you can. I originally had the idea to interview Dirty Girl as if it were a musician, but I never got around to it, maybe in the future I can come up with some more creative ways to do reviews.

Dirty Girl: 7 (on a scale of 1-10)