It’s Open: The Herbery

I got to pop by The Herbery, Vancouver’s newest pot shop, for its grand opening on Saturday and the place looks great.

Both it and High End Market Place, which opened a week earlier, are woody, warm and welcoming – each in their own way.


When I stopped by at around 2 p.m. there was a steady crowd moving through, with many stopping to chat with the folks from Fairwinds Manufacturing, the new Vancouver grower/processor that was introducing its line of vapes, concentrates, infused coffee (made with beans from Vancouver’s Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters) and other items.

Fairwinds vape

Lots of people were buying Fairwinds coffee and strains from Clark County’s Cedar Creek Cannabis and Agrijuana.

The displays and design of The Herbery look great now that it’s all set up. Customers can wander between display cases on two sides of the store to look at – and get a whiff of – various products.

Store open

One minor drawback, at least if you’re math challenged, is that the store’s price list doesn’t include sales tax (it does include excise though). All the other Clark County stores add that in to the menu prices so you know how much cash you need when you go to the register.

But The Herbery does have two ATMs on hand, so customers can grab extra cash fairly easily.

Has anybody else checked it out? What do you think now that there’s a larger variety of stores in our area?

Let us know in the comments section.

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)