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Customer feedback strain review: Omega

The Cannabis Country Store in Battle Ground has finished collecting Cannabis Country Club feedback on the second strain in the second round of its program: Emerald Twist‘s Omega, a hybrid. The club card lets customers buy four strains for $10 each in a four week period – and asks for customer feedback on each strain.

Omega from Emerald Twist

The club helps the store decide which strains to carry and also helps us here at Cannabis Chronicles get some consumer review information about local growers out to the public. If you haven’t visited the Cannabis Country Store yet, I’d suggest checking it out. It’s a very welcoming environment for both new and experienced cannabis customers.

The second round of the Cannabis Country Club will include the following strains:
Week 1: Agrijuana’€™s Agri Diesel
Week 2: Emerald Twist’€™s Omega
Week 3: Noble Farms’ Blueberry
Week 4: Agrijuana’s Purple

You can learn more about the club on the store’s site here:

The review and store information is below. If you try it, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

-SueVo (

Omega: Comment from review cards:

“This gram seemed to provide more hits than some other grams I’ve had”

“Dried perfectly, aroma unique”

“Very calming, increased cognitive clarity”

“Awareness of surroundings”

“This is definitely a mind high”

“Lots of cotton mouth”

Lowest 15, Highest 50,

Omega ratings by category (on a scale of 1-10)

Product appearance: AVERAGE 8
Lowest 3, Highest 10.

Strain aroma: AVERAGE 8
Lowest 3, Highest 10.

Burnability: AVERAGE 8
Lowest 2, Highest 10.

Taste: AVERAGE 7.5
Lowest 3, Highest 10.

Potency: AVERAGE 8
Lowest 3, Highest 10.

Cannabis Country Store (opened in early November, 2014)
1910 W. Main Street
Battle Ground, WA
(360) 723-0073
Facebook Page


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