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Daily Dabs: Redefining Weed, Cannabis & Melanoma, Depression & Endocannabinoids, Cops Giving Weed Back, and Hilarious Pranksters.

**Image is not mine, follow @nwalchemy, they’re a mmj collective up in Seattle. Pic is of some Dr. Who Shatter.**

A Scientific Approach: Redefining Weed – An interesting post from High Times where Dr. John McPartland is advocating for us to update our names for marijuana. Dr. McPartland would like us to start calling sativas, indicas, and indicas should be called afghanica and ruderalis should be called sativa. This would be pretty hard to pull off, think about all the medical dispensaries and recreational stores that would have to adapt? When you read on further you get more information on how we got our names for the different cannabis strains and the history behind it.

Study: Cannabinoids Found in Cannabis May Decrease the Viability of Melanoma Cells – A study was held that shows THC and CBD helped decrease the viability of melanoma cells. Results of the study showed that the administration of THC helped increase the death of melanoma cells . There are so many Science words, so I am just going to refer you back to the article. But let’s just get to the “Conclusion” which state that: “These results add to a growing body of evidence that suggests that cannabinoids may be useful for the treatment of various types of cancer (breast, prostate, lung, skin, pancreatic, brain, bladder cancer, leukemia).”

Depression And The Endocannabinoid System – A study done by researchers from the University of Buffalo have conducted a study that shows “chronic stress reduced the production of endocannabinoids, leading to depression-like behavior”. So far the research has only been done on mice, but they share 97.5% of their DNA with us. Cannabinoids from cannabis may be a new way to treat depression, which seems to be a common theme lately as some states are starting to consider medical cannabis to be a new way to help treat PTSD.

Cops Giving Your Weed Back? – Weed is now legal in D.C. and police were issued a special order last week stating that residents are now legally allowed to request that their seized cannabis be returned to them. One resident has already taken advantage of this new policy on Monday. Witnesses say the man walked into the police station and told the officer on dutry that he wanted his weed back, as you can imagine police were confused but then returned his property.

Street Sign Hacked, Reads “Smoke Weed Everyday” – I’ve never been one for practical jokes or pranks, especially when they’re played on me. I can get butthurt so easily, but I can admit when the prank/joke was well played. A street sign at the University of Montana was hacked and the message read “Smoke Weed Everyday”, message was only up for 10-15 minutes. University Police are being good spirited about it, after speaking with the school run newspaper they were quoted as saying, “I think it’s kinda funny”. I had no idea that back in the 70’s someone made the Hollywood sign in LA read “Hollyweed”.

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