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Fatty Fridays With High End Market Place

Fatty Fridays

I partook in one of the Friday deals that was featured in the Cannabis Chronicles this weekend. Friday after work I headed over to High End Market Place and picked up two of the three, 1 gram pre-rolls they were offering for $10. I love the idea of “Fatty Fridays” because after a long week, whether you’re smoking alone, or with friends, there’s no better way to wind down than with a fat joint. I think High End is onto something with a weekly deal like this. I asked High end if this will in fact be happening weekly and Gareth told me that their plan was to have “Fatty Fridays” be a weekly thing, but which joints will be on sale will vary and will be priced for $10. It’s nice to know that all the joints sold at High End are all rolled with bud, once in awhile you’ll get a popcorn bud, but they’re never rolled with trim.

The pre-rolls on sale were Black Domina, Bluniverse 2, and Pink, all from JV Ranch. If you couldn’t tell by the image above, I went with Black Domina and Pink. We had great weather this weekend, we had blue skies and sunshine……..perfect weather to sit outside and smoke. I decided to share one of these fatty’s with a couple friends and it was time well spent. We all enjoyed the bud provided from JV Ranch, Black Domina is listed on High End’s menu as a hybrid, but on Leafly it’s list as an indica. Maybe Black Domina is an indica dominant hybrid, who knows? All I know is that after a few hits I was definitely feeling it. I rolled the joint between my fingers a bit to loosen it up a bit before I lit it. The joint itself burned great, they’re rolled with Raw King Sized Cones, from beginning to end it burned evenly through, leaving no lopsided burning which can happen with some joints/blunts.

Want to unwind on a Friday? Hit up High End Market Place for “Friday Fatty’s”.

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