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Herbery’s second Vancouver location approved


The Herbery’s second location at 6018 N.E. St. John’s Blvd., Suite D. has been approved by the State Liquor Control Board, said Jim Mullen, the chief operating officer.

The smaller store will open in a second floor space at that address, by the Minnehaha Car Wash offices.

“It’s going to be great,” Mullen said. “Some of the staff here that has gotten such great feedback will be heading over there to work at the new store.”

(Jim Mullen at The Herbery's first location)

The site still needs to pass city inspections and some other review processes. He hopes to open it on May 1, Mullen said.

The Herbery’s first Vancouver store at 212 NE 164th Ave., Suite #11, opened Feb. 7 and is doing well, he said.

The plan for the two stores is to split the budtender team from the first store up between the two sites and hire some new employees.

Those looking for budtender jobs can go to the main store and fill out an application through Friday, April 10, he said.

“We’ve already had five times more applicants than spots, but we’ll be interviewing starting this week, with even more next week,” Mullen said.

Those interested in jobs can also call (360) 841-7500 for more information.

“We’re looking for people that are super customer focused and friendly,” Mullen said. “They don’t have to have a lot of product knowledge, we can teach them that. And they don’t have to be pot smokers.”

There’s one final store on the way for Vancouver, which I’ve heard will be called Green Head Cannabis, also in the St. John’s area at 2815 St. Johns Blvd. Suite B.

That store was called Mike’s Eastside Drugs back when the six store lottery winners were chosen for the city. I’ve tried to call them several times but they’ve never responded. Rumor is they’re also planning to open soon, though.

The six stores (2 Herberies, Main Street Marijuana, New Vansterdam, High End Market Place and Green Head Cannabis) will be it for the city, unless the state Liquor Control Board decides to increase the number of allocated stores for Vancouver.

Battle Ground also got one store allocated in the LCB lottery process: The Cannabis Country Store, which opened in November.

There are also stores allocated in Camas, Washougal and unincorporated Clark County, but those areas are all under bans right now.

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Here’s The Herbery’s main store info if you want to apply for a job:

The Herbery
(360) 841-7500
212 NE 164th Avenue, Suite #11
Facebook page
@theherberynw on Twitter
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