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More Half Ounces In Vancouver!

I saw this post yesterday on High End Market Place’s FB page and thought it was worth sharing. They now have Agent Orange, and Super Silver Lemon Haze, from Bondi Farms available in half ounce quantities (14 grams) for $150. For anyone not familiar with how many grams come in what, here’s a helpful chart. (photos via)

I’m mainly posting this because typically when I get my weed I like to get half ounces, since I am an everyday smoker I like to get it in what I call it “bulk”. I thought that those who do the same might find this news useful. Since I have my medical card I get my daily bulk weed from a service, dispensary, or my newly appointed grower, so I don’t have to get it on the rec side. **I want to point out that I do treat the weed I purchase on either side as just that. The stuff on the medical side is for my everyday ailments, and what I get on the rec side is what I like to call my fun weed, and why do I feel I have to justify it? = ) **  ANYWAY, I am not quite sure what the price for a half ounce on the rec side usually runs, I am looking through  the menus from some of the stores here in Vancouver and they either don’t have that quantity available (as a single half ounce not by mixing/matching), or I’m crazy and New Vansterdam really is trying to charge $420 for a half ounce…the have some for $200. On the medical side and the black market you can usually find half ounces anywhere from $75 to $175, so the rec prices are still steeper with some stores and growers, let’s just be happy that we’re starting to see half ounces on store shelves.

A quick note on that steep $420 price…a lot of people are going to scoff at it, shit I am scoffing at it, are you kidding me!? But, an important thing to remember is that before the weed gets to the point of being sold to us, the consumer, there’s a certain price point that is worked out amongst the grower/processor’s and the retail stores on that same weed. In this case, the steep price was for product that was acquired before prices had dropped and do you really expect New Vansterdam to eat that cost? They are a business with employees and bills, they can’t afford to do that.

If there’s two things to take away from this post: 1. YAY HALF OUNCES!!! and 2. Pricing and whatnot still needs to change. Let’s be happy that there’s been some progression.


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