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Prevention group not associated with Cannabis Corner

A Washington youth drug prevention group has some concerns about The Cannabis Corner, the first city-owned pot shop that recently opened in North Bonneville.

It’s been a complicated road to starting operations at the store, which opened on March 7.

The prevention group, the One Prevention Alliance Coalition (OPA), is worried that its name has been wrongly associated with the shop in some materials.

Recreational marijuana is illegal for anyone under age 21, much like alcohol. Stores I’ve talked to take youth use seriously and want to discourage it.

And personally I think neither drug should be used while a young brain is still growing, unless there’s a serious medical purpose that’s supported by a doctor.

I thought I’d repost the coalition’s press release so everybody can give it a read. Let us know if you have any comments!


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Press Release:


The One Prevention Alliance Coalition (OPA) serves the communities of Skamania County.

Our Mission is to increase the health and well-being of the youth, parents and community of the Stevenson-Carson School District by reducing and preventing drug and alcohol use through education, intervention and outreach.

In recent weeks, the Cannabis Corner issued a press release implying that the management of the Cannabis Corner is involved in the OPA Coalition.

Following up on the press release KGW News Channel 8 did a story in which they reported that OPA was seeking grants from the Public Development Authority responsible for Cannabis Corner. OPA feels it necessary to clarify its position regarding the Cannabis Corner and the involvement of the Cannabis Corner with the coalition.

The membership of the OPA has invited representatives from the North Bonneville Public Development Authority to our open public meeting in an effort to educate the coalition members on the future plans of the Cannabis Corner.

It was also important that the membership of OPA express our concerns about the potential impact the retail sales of marijuana may have on our community.

The One Prevention Alliance coalition’s work with the Cannabis corner is intended to promote our efforts at prevention and education.

In no way does it imply support for the Cannabis Corner or any other businesses involved in the retail sale or use of recreational marijuana.

Furthermore, the OPA coalition is not interested in receiving funding or grants from the revenue generated from the Cannabis Corner.

The OPA remains opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana use and is deeply concerned with the potential impacts it will have on the youth in our communities.

OPA will continue to work with community groups in an effort to provide prevention education and to reduce substance abuse by our youth.

Anyone interested in the work of the coalition is invited to attend our public meetings held on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:00 PM in the Basement of the Courthouse Annex located at 170 NW Vancouver Ave Stevenson, WA 98648.


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