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Songs To Smoke To: 311 – Who’s Got The Herb

Last Wednesday was “311 Day” and while I didn’t forget about it, I pretty much ignored it until finally I was like “THIS IS THE PERFECT SONG TO POST ON 311 DAY”, but it wasn’t “311 Day” anymore. 311 was always a band I had no problem admitting my undying love and devotion for, but sometimes your favorite bands need to stop and sadly 311 didn’t get that memo. 311 never really slowed down, or grew up but their fans did, retiring our hemp/puka/ball chain necklaces and finally threw away those old-ass tennis ball Airwalks. Most of us grew up anyway, 311 still plays shows and even has a cruise that they run every year. I can picture all the bros in their favorite ball chain and Oakley’s throwing up the “rock on” sign.

I’ll always love 311, they were the first concert my mother let me travel for when I was in HS, and my older sister and I bonded over them, HARD. We memorized lyrics, random facts and saw them each and every time we could. Remember that show on MTV, “Fanatic”? We even shot a video for that show on our way to buy concert tickets, in it I professed my love for 311 by trying sushi for the first time because I read that it was their lead singer, Nick Hexum’s favorite food. The last time we saw 311, a tour where they were playing the lesser known popular songs, my sister got engaged and after that their music fell off hard. Don’t agree with me? Fight me, but anything after Evolver is basura….HOT, STEAMY, BASURA!

Now that I’ve insulted 311 let’s listen to an oldie of theirs called “Who’s Got The Herb?”. I find myself thinking that a lot lately, “who’s got the herb”, especially now that it’s legal. 311 was no doubt a band a lot of stoners listened to, how could they not with songs about space and shit? I love this song because it really is perfect for any sesh, not only is it about weed, but the mellow tone makes it super chill as well. It’s my favorite weed related 311 song, “Hydroponic” is a close second.

SN: This post is going to make me go down a 311 wormhole…it’s always great to listen to old favs!

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