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Strain Review: Agri-Diesel by Agrijuana

A little about Agrijuana, they’re located in Battleground, WA and from the looks of it they have 12 strains on their website that are available at numerous locations, and 6 more that are coming soon. According to their site, the growers tend to the plants daily, trimming and watering by hand. The plants are grown in locally mixed organic soil, all nutrients are certified organic and plant based. They use Eco Grow LED lights to maximize energy.

As I mentioned above, Agri-diesel is a sativa strain, the pack I got was tested at 21.826%. I’m trying not to focus on the THC percentages, but feel like I should mention it when I do my reviews. I am assuming, based off the name, that Agri-diesel is cross-bred with  Sour Diesel (I could be wrong). Not only are the smells similar, but the effects were about the same as well. Agri-diesel definitely has a similar smell to Sour D, but it’s a little sweeter to me.  The buds themselves were full, and not too dry or sticky, the perfect mix I’d say and covered in white crystals. This strain is perfect to smoke before tasks like chores or laundry, and great for a fun night out with friends. A few puffs of this is like an instant caffeine boost!

Agri-diesel: 9 – Snoop


Where Can I Find Agri-diesel?

Cannabis Country Store $18/g, $56/3.5g

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