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Strain Review: Skunk #1 by Life Gardens


I picked up Skunk #1 from New Vansterdam awhile ago during one of their weekend deals. Upon opening my pack, I wasn’t thrilled with the amount of sticks that were visible. The gram was only $10 when I picked it up, which is a good deal, but I still expect more quality looking buds that are sold on recreational side. Things are similar on the medical side too, sometimes you just get some nugs that don’t look that great. Aside from the sticks I didn’t mind the way the actual nugs looked, they were covered in crystals and I enjoyed the skunky flavors.

When I first smoked Skunk #1, it was during a wake & bake session and I felt that the come down was pretty harsh, but that could’ve just been me. This wouldn’t be a strain I’d smoke on a busy morning, especially if you’ve had a long night due to the come down issues. I did feel that with the low percentage on the label, 14.65% THC (don’t always rely on the label) that I was pretty high, I wasn’t impaired to where I felt like I couldn’t function, but I did feel euphoric, with an uplifted sense of creativity.

Skunk #1: 4 – Wiz Khalifa


Where Can I Find Skunk #1?

I can’t find any locations near me with this strain in stock.

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