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The Real Runner’s High From High Times

Check out this older article from High Timers that talks about cannabis and running.

I’ve talked about this subject and written a bit about it before in my strain reviews, smoking weed before a run/workout helps me SO much! We know pot can help with nausea and pain, so it should come as no surprise to you that when running long distances, or lifting heavy objects, that pot can help with some of the side effects from those things too. I don’t run long distances, typically about 2-3 (3 on a VERY GOOD DAY), but when I smoke before I got out it helps me stay more focused which helps control my breathing and that will also help my endurance. I like to think that the music you listen to while you workout after smoking helps too, because duh music + weed = TRUE LOVE. I have a workout I call my “H.A.M.” workout which is pretty leg heavy: squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges along with ab/core workouts that can and sometimes do make me nauseous and sore, I’ve found that when I smoke before or after these “H.A.M.” workouts that it really does help me recover better during and after. (via)

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