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What Are The Best Cannabis Events In 2015 via @TheWeedBlog

The only cannabis related event I’ve ever been to was last year’s Hempstalk, but now that weed is so popular it does seem like there’s even more events than before. But, to be completely honest the only events I’ve ever even heard of are the Cannabis Cup, and Seattle’s Hempfest. I was unaware that there were so many events related to the business side of cannabis. One day I hope to make it out to more of these things, for anyone wondering what some upcoming events were, the Weed Blog has put together of the best events for 2015. (via)


If you’re looking for more sites related to cannabis, you should definitely check them out, they post frequently and are always full of useful information.

March 2015

Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference


April 2015

Ann Arbor Hash Bash

High Times Cannabis Cup – Denver


May 2015

Let TWB know what the best events are in May 2015!

June 2015

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup – Bay Area

Cannabis Liberation Day – Amsterdam

July 2015

Emerald Empire HempFest

High Times Cannabis Cup – Portland

August 2015

Seattle Hempfest

September 2015

Boston Freedom Rally

High Times Cannabis Cup – Seattle

October 2015

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

November 2015

High Times Cannabis Cup – Amsterdam


December 2015

Emerald Cup

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