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A Book Club For Cannabis Users?

*This image doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, but I thought it was funny-true, so that’s why it’s here.*

Do any of you guys like to read? Ever since I was a young Becks I loved reading! Reading, writing, and spelling were my best subjects growing up, you couldn’t get my nose out of a book! As I got older that love for reading waned, it happens with tv and the internet and LIFE, but I always go back. Whenever I’m sick or have time to myself, I love nothing more than picking up a good book and reading it from cover to cover like the kid from the Neverending Story. Then of course as soon as I’m done, that’s it, no more reading. Since I do love to read, I often wonder if a book club would be a good way for me to keep up with such a beloved hobby, but how can I find one for me?

Enter, The Cannabise Literary Association, aka: CLASS, which is now accepting members. This book club is a place for stoners and the only membership qualification is that you love weed. Heh, that’s something I can get on board with. For now there’s no details on how books will be picked, or when/how members will get together, for now there’s a FB group where people can join. For now the group is how the club will be monitored, that way they can see how much interest there really is and when there’s enough members the real fun begins: TALKING AND SMOKING.

Hear ye, hear ye! Be it announced that a group of citizens legally engaged in the pleasurable consumption of literature, and quasi-legally engaged in the pleasurable consumption of cannabis, shall henceforth exercise their right to peaceably assemble and have a damn good time. Let the call go out to all corners of the globe that the Cannabis Literary Association – also known as CLASS – is now accepting members. Membership requires no qualifications but that you truly and deeply love weed.

To join follow the CLASS Cannabis Literary Association Facebook page. (via)

I joined, will you?

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