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Cannabis Country Club Review/Thoughts

I was approached by the Cannabis Country Store last month and they asked if I’€™d be willing to check out the Cannabis Country Club. I hadn’€™t been out to the Cannabis Country Store since they opened so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone, by signing up for their club I was able to try new strains and become more familiar with them as well.

The Cannabis Country Club is a monthly club that starts the first week of every month. It’s open to the first 50 people who sign up and you’€™ll receive 4 preselected grams (a $10 value) during each month. The card will cost you $22 and that includes the first preselected gram, from there on out you will get a new preselected gram for the next 3 weeks, for $6 apiece. When you’€™re done doing all the math you’€™ll notice that after the month is over you only spent $40, which is the price of an 1/8th! Along with the preselected grams you’€™ll receive a punch card to keep track of who you are and what strains you’€™ve tried and a comment/review card where you can share your thoughts on the strain(s) you’ve tried. The cards have sections for the strain name, consumption method, and your name, they also have a 1-10 scale in sections for appearance, aroma, burnability, taste, and potency leaving you the opportunity to rate the strain from 1-50.

This club is perfect for so many different kinds of consumers out there. I can see it being beneficial for people who are new to cannabis and are looking to ease into the scene, it’s great for indecisive people, since the grams are preselected you won’t hold up any lines trying to decide on what to buy. The Cannabis Country Club is also perfect for people like myself, who like to try different strains and share that information with others.

I live in Vancouver, which isn’™t too far from Battleground, but far enough that it’€™s something to put off. But it became fun knowing there’€™d be a new treat waiting for me at the end of that drive. If you head out to Battleground at the right time the drive is breeze, all I’d do was throw on some music and head out, or chat with a friend (using a headset of course). The drive is about 20 mins each way depending on traffic and the route I took up 503 takes you straight to Main St and the Cannabis Country Store isn’€™t too far from there, about 1 mile maybe. The most important thing I took from being in this club during the month was how something like this was so beneficial to us consumers. Not only are we becoming familiar with new strains, but we’€™re also becoming more familiar with the growers and retailers in our community and that’s a beautiful thing.

I was glad I signed up to try the Cannabis Country Club, it was great to try different strains at a reasonable price. Out of the 4 strains I tried, I think I only disliked one. I can definitely see myself signing up again in the future!

Cannabis Country Club March 2015:

Week 1: Agridiesel from Agrijuana

Week 2: Omega from Emerald Twist (review coming soon)

Week 3: Blueberry from Noble Farms

Week 4: Blue Magoo from Agrijuana (coming soon)

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