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Daily Dabs 4/24/15

Rich People Can’t Wait To Make Weed A Rich People Thing – A look at how the marketing of cannabis and it’s products are getting an overhaul to catch the eyes and wallets of the rich and famous. Cheryl Shuman’s Beverly Hills Cannabis Club sells an ounce that will cost a whopping $700, it’s wrapped in gold foil. She’s also created a $15,000 pave diamond vaporizer, WHAT!?

Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Others Considered For Medical MJ Program – A board of physicians on Wednesday recommended adding Lou Gehrig’s disease and ulcerative colitis to the existing list of medical conditions that make a patient eligible to use medical marijuana in Connecticut.

Georgia Enacts Medical MJ Law – Georgia became the 24th state enact a medical mj law, Governor Nathan Deal signed legislation that immediately legalizes the use of a low potency form of cannabis oil for medicinal uses. Patients can possess up to 20 ounces of the “low THC oil”, and it can contain no more than 5% of THC. It may not be much, but this is a step in the right direction, it’s nice to know that there’s at least another option out there for medical patients in need.

Texas Man Arrested After Claiming MJ In His Car Was Tea – 27 year old Guanyu Chen was pulled over by deputies, after searching the vehicle a deputy found 4 vacuum sealed bags and $1,400 in cash. The best thing about this story is that Chen then tried to convince officers that the stuff in those bags was tea…TEA!!! After a K9 confirmed that the bags were in fact filled with the sweet, sweet, ganja he was then arrested and charged w/ possession and is being held in the County Jail with a bond set at $10,000.

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