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Daily Dabs: April 15, 2015


After a VERY long hiatus we are back with Daily Dabs, a way for me to share some of the cannabis news/culture pieces I think are interesting. The only thing that’s changed about these Daily Dabs posts are that a majority of these links will be ones that have been shared by me on Twitter/Fb.

1. Down With Dab Girls – This week was the release of the high anticipated Willamette Weekly’s “Weed Issue”, in this piece they discuss the hyper sexualization of females in the cannabis industry. They talk about a local shop in NoPo that’s decided to capitalize on this trend by hiring sexy chicks for their shop.

2. Why African Americans Are Largely Absent From The Medical Marijuana Movement – From taboos to prejudice in the medical mj movement we’re asked why there aren’t many black business owners out there.

3. Let’s Talk Pot – New Vansterdam is relaunching their blog and “Let’s Talk Pot” is a weekly feature that will touch on different subjects. this a great way for them to educate their customers on anything weed related because I am sure they get questions on questions on questions. For the first week they teach you the difference between indicas/sativas, and what a bogart is.

4. Two Great Tastes: Hillbilly’s Glass & Growler Station – Another piece from the Willamette Weekly’s Weed issue. In this piece they visit Hillbilly’s Glass & Growler Station a business that melds two of Oregon’s greatest loves: beer and weed! This is definitely a place I need to check out.

**Dab pic courtesy of @northwestgreens of Tangie, follow him, and contact him for quality and consistent budshots.**


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