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Daily Dabs: April 18, 2015

Vermont Politicians Propose Ban On Alcohol Until Pot Becomes Legal – Thought they do say it’s “laughable”, Progressive Rep. Chris Pearson and Democratic Rep. Jean O’Sullivan from Burlington held a news conference to announce they had filed legislation to ban the sale of alcohol until pot is legal. The whole point of this is to further a point that has already been proven: alcohol is more harmful than pot, and if we can’t have one, why should we be able to have the other?

These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes – The Drug Policy has put together a campaign to show that not all cannabis users look like Cheech & Chong by putting together a set of stock photos depicting cananbis users in a different light, check them out.

Kid Speaks Out Against Dare, Detained, and Removed From Home – An 11 year old boy spoke out during a D.A.R.E. meeting saying that the information they were giving students was false. His mother had recently used cannabis to treat her crohn’s disease, he was then pulled from class and detained for questioning by authorities without his mother present, read the story to see what else happened.

Nick Lachey Joins ResponsibleOhio Campaign To Legalize Cannabis – Ohioan, Nick Lachey will be backing and investing is back the fight to legalize cannabis in Ohio, he will also be an investor in a Summit County site that will be one of 10 locations where cannabis can be legally grown. Can I just say that I’m not surprised by this? I mean, he was married to the woman who declared this, and only stoners say shit like that, right? I was surprised I didn’t see more puns using 98 Degrees and “trees”, like “Nick Lachey probably burns his trees at 98 Degrees…get it? Because he was in that band? Cool…

A Dabcathalon You Say? – The Portland Mercury decided to hold their own “DABcathalon” and it looks like things got pretty crazy. Events included were filling out a 1040 tax form, saying the alphabet backwards, completing an egg walk through an obstacle course, blowing up a balloon with an exhaled dab, performing a field sobriety test, and a bike around the block. How did it end? Read for yourself.

**Pic used is not mine, it’s from @biergoggles and it’s of Pineapple Wreck, follow him on Instagram**

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