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Falafel And Weed?

If you’re a Washington D.C. local and you’ve got the munchies, the owners of falafel shop, Amsterdam Falafel got your back! Their Adams Morgan location will be offering a pot-pairing menu for their marijuana smoking customers. The menu will offer pairing suggestions on what menu items would go well with common strains like: Lemon Haze or Afghani. (see the menu below)

The pairings were chosen personally by owners Arianne and Scott Bennett:

“We personally at our home only had two strains that were on the list, so we ate our own food under the influence of our own strains”

When Bennett was asked if he was worried about offending his non-smoking customers, he had this to say:

“No, I don’t think my non-drinking customers are offended by my drinking customers, so I don’t think my non-pot-smoking customers will be offended by my pot-smoking customers. In fact, I’m, sure they’ve seen them in line before waiting to get falafel”

With weed legal in numerous states to some capacity or another, and more to presumably follow, weed & food/drink pairings are becoming sort of a thing now. And why not? From binge watching old Full House episodes to sitting through another boring recital, weed makes everything 100 times better! So why not pair it to other things you love like food, beer, or coffee? (via)

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