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Ganja Yoga with Dee Dussault coming to Portland

About a month ago, novelist, Jeopardy champ, weed, and Yoga enthusiast, Neal Pollack wrote about a woman named Dee Dussault and her practice of Ganja Yoga and the classes she offers weekly in San Francisco. You may be asking yourself, “Yo, Becks, what, by the Beard of Zeus, is this thing you call Ganja Yoga?”, well simply put, it’s the practice of Yoga while under the influence of that delicious devils lettuce, “ganja”. In the piece by Neal, Dee likes to describe her classes as “relaxation gatherings”, not competitive Yoga classes. Ganja Yoga is basically a super chill place where you can relax and melt away the stress, or whatever’s troubling you. PLEASE READ NEAL’S PIECE ON GANJA YOGA!!

I love to do Yoga as a way to relax and stretch, in no way am I a pro, but since starting Mrs. Nice Guy I wanted to do a post on the two and how they worked together, it was hard for me to find much or get anyone to talk to me about it, so I was so happy when I saw Neal’s piece on the Cannabist and I’ve been corresponding with Dee since! Dee gave me some great tips on practicing Yoga with weed, the trick? Start off slow and to remember relaxation is the goal, it’s important to enjoy yourself too! I also found out that Dee will be in the Portland and Seattle areas in May and was hoping to secure some locations to hold some classes. As far as I know, the only class scheduled will be at Ascend on Sunday May 24th from 11am – 1pm and it’ll cost $20. Wanna know the best thing about this event? It’s open to the public, though it’s at Ascend, a dispensary, the actual shop itself will be closed for the class, so no OMMP card needed. This means that you will likely have to consume before you come. If anybody is interested in hosting or has a location where Dee can hold some classes, please get in touch with her, the information is below. It’d be a great opportunity!

GanjaYogaAscend (2)

“Ganja Yoga is the intentional pairing of cannabis and yoga. Whether you call it getting high, medicating, or sacramental use, this yoga treats cannabis as a medicine and spiritual teacher, and I offer these enhanced yogic journeys as opportunities for trippy relaxation, pain-relief, and the cultivation of inner peace. I am the first yoga teacher outside of ancient India to publicly offer cannabis-enhanced yoga classes.” (via)

Dee is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor with over a decade of of study and research into sexuality. She’s the first yoga teacher outside of ancient India to offer cannabis enhanced yoga. Read more about Dee.

Are any of you interested in attending an event like this? I will definitely be at this event, Yoga mat in hand, and mind ready for expansion. Please share this post and the flyer if you know of anyone interested in Ganja Yoga.


Contact Dee:


Email: dee@deedussault.com

Twitter: @DeeDussault

IG: @ganjayoga

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