Got your 420 plans? Celebrate with HEMP and C-Chron

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If you’re looking for something to do on Monday as part of Washington’s first full 420 celebration, consider heading over to High End Market Place.

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The shop at 1906 Broadway, Vancouver’s third, will have a ribbon cutting by Mayor Tim Leavitt, live music, free doughnuts and a host of discounts – including some grams for $4.20 – for its 4/20 shindig.

April 20, 2015 is the first 420 celebration in Washington since legal recreational shops have opened.

I’ll also be there to celebrate the day and to officially launch our new Cannabis Chronicles Portal site – which will feature news from this blog, The Columbian newspaper, local wire stores, and my fellow Vancouver blogger, Mrs. Nice Guy.

The site will also have reviews, videos and an event calendar for upcoming events. And we’ll likely add polls and possibly a jobs site over the next several months.

The portal site will be at http://cannabis-chronicles once it launches. For now, that link goes to this blog, but it will switch over in the near future.

Below is the press release from HEMP, which kindly offered to share their launch party with us.

Hope to meet you all there!

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)


Vancouver, WA: High End Market Place, Vancouver’s third recreational marijuana store, located in the Uptown Village of downtown Vancouver will celebrate 4/20, a nationally recognized day to consume and celebrate marijuana, with a ribbon cutting with the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) and Mayor Tim Leavitt.

Free Voodoo doughnuts will be handed out in front of the store from 1pm-3pm, there will be live music, and several special deals for consumers such as $4.20 grams and footlong joints.

“This year is significant for the 4/20 holiday because we are celebrating more than marijuana consumption” Owner Gareth Kautz explains, “We are celebrating legal marijuana! It is time to bring marijuana into the light and try to end the reign of the black market, and the negative stigma still associated with cannabis. We do this by educating the public about the benefits of legal marijuana and selling our products at the lowest price possible. And that’s what we’ve done since we opened in January, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

In addition to the ribbon cutting with the Mayor and the GVCC, Sue Vorenberg of the Columbian will be in attendance to announce the launch of the new Cannabis Chronicle’s portal website, a site that grew from the Cannabis Chronicles blog that shares product reviews, news, and videos.

“We want to give cannabis consumers information about the industry, its products and how to use them safely,” Sue writes, “…and, of course, we want to have fun along the way.”

About High End Market Place: High End Market Place was formed in October 2013 by Gareth Kautz and Morgan Hutchinson. H.E.M.P. prides itself on its simple menu, featuring high quality product from select producers from around the state. Their mission is to sell only the highest quality marijuana, to serve the people of Washington and beyond, to share in their passion for this essential freedom, and help spread love and knowledge for this newly legalized plant.

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High End Market Place (First opened January 31, 2015):
(360) 609-0364
1906 Broadway
Facebook Page
@highend_market on Twitter