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Update: Gov. Inslee signs 5052, vetoes some sections

UPDATE: Inslee signed the bill shortly before 3 p.m. today. He vetoed sections 36, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 and 52. One of those vetoed sections had tied passage of the bill to the approval of House Bill 2136.

Other vetoed sections had added criminal penalties to certain violations. Inslee said he didn’t think they were necessary.

Here’s the information on 5052 if you’d like to read it:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign a bill merging medical and recreational marijuana today (April 24, 2005)

(Washington Gov. Jay Inslee -AP Photo/Rachel La Corte)
(Washington Gov. Jay Inslee -AP Photo/Rachel La Corte)

The bill (SR5052) would get rid of unregulated medical marijuana dispensaries, create a medical marijuana registry with two streams (one for those that don’t want their names on a list which will get minimal protections and one for those willing to use their names with more protections).

The bill also includes tax changes to the recreational market that could bring prices down, along with several other changes to Washington’s I502 legal marijuana system.

He is expected to sign the bill this afternoon.

According to Columbian politics reporter Lauren Dake: “The governor will start signing a long list of bills at 2:30 p.m. The bill signing is expected to be streamed on TVW at”

A list of Inslee’s bill actions is here:


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