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Hannibal Buress On Pot in America


Have you guys checked out Hannibal Buress’ comedy? He has some specials streaming on Netflix, he’s on two tv shows: The Eric Andre Show & Broad City (2 shows great to watch after a session), he’s currently touring, and has his own show on Comedy Central currently in development slated to premiere this Summer. Most recently you can catch him roasting the Biebs on that pathetic, but funny PR stunt.

I got the pleasure of seeing him live when he came to Portland and this man is so damn funny! He’s also very smart and pretty insightful. Check out what he has to say about weed in our country in this High Times Interview, you can read the rest of the interview here.

Does pot figure into your creative process at all?

I smoke occasionally, but it’€™s not a part of my routine. I mean, I don’™t need it – €”I do smoke occasionally, though. I don’€™t like it that much when I’€™m out and about; I like smoking at home. I like it to be one of the last things I do that day. I don’€™t wake and bake at all; I couldn’€™t do that. If I’€™m waking and baking, then I’€™m staying inside my place the rest of the day. I can’€™t start my day off high.

I used to smoke more in high school and college. But I still enjoy weed. I’€˜ll smoke and write some jokes sometimes. €”I’€™ve written some good stuff on weed. But sometimes it has my mind blown so much that it’€™s tough to catch what you’€™re thinkin’€™ of, your mind is just firing so fast.

What’€™s your reaction as America becomes more favorable to pot?

I think it’s good, man. It’€™s good that it’€™s being decriminalized; it makes sense. People shouldn’€™t be in jail for years for it. It’€™s all out there – €”the research and different studies about weed versus alcohol. Alcohol is legal but more dangerous; it causes violence. I mean, that’€™s all out there. What’€™s so funny to me is that different states can have their own thing. One state can say, “€œThis is what we do here.” € But another state can say, “€œIf you did that there, that’€™s okay – ”but we don’€™t fuck with that shit here.” € It’€™s pretty goofy and arbitrary.

People of color have far higher arrest rates for pot than white people. What’€™s your reaction to that?

That’s not shocking – €”it’€™s true for all arrests. People of color are profiled by the police more overall. The police have been doing that for years now, and they might continue to do it for a long time. Certain individuals and certain groups aren’€™t in a great place in this country, so there’s a lot of progress that needs to be made.

Talib Kweli recently spoke with Rolling Stone on this same issue, you can read what he had to say here. It’s not unusual for comedians or musicians to support legalization…I just think it’€™s important to share opinions of those I respect.

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