Love, pot and wedding bongs?

Wondering what to get your favorite stoner couple for their wedding?

Factory West Studio, a Vancouver group led by funky pot artist Heidie McCall, may have just what you’re looking for.

Meet “The Original Wedding Water Pipe” – a custom bong with two stems so happy couples can enjoy a close, face-to-face smoke.

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The pipe is 7-inches tall and 10-inches across and can be customized for couples from any lifestyle, including same-sex couples, McCall said.

“We care about everybody,” McCall said. “We have symbols for all and invite love. I’ll never understand how anyone on this earth can judge love.”

And you can be pretty certain that nobody else will get the same present for a happy couple. It’s a lot more unusual than the typical blender.

McCall’s husband, Doug, and a handful of other local artists got the idea for the Wedding Water Pipe after thinking about how cannabis could replace the traditional role of alcohol at wedding receptions, she said.

“We all got to thinking folks that enjoy cannabis may want to start out there lives together and of course with their friends with something besides alcohol to ring in their new life together,” she said. “Instead of a ‘toast’ it’s a ‘toke.’ Why not?”

The pipes can be customized with names, dates and images, depending on what the couple wants.

The pipes take four weeks to create and cost $350. You can get one by calling Heidi McCall at 360-693-7085 or emailing her at hm@factoryweststudio.com.

The company also makes smaller 4-inch ceramic mini-bongs called “bings” that are more affordable for the every day stoner.

They cost $17.99 (or two for $29.99) and are available in a variety of colors and styles, including “elephant” and “orca.”


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-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)