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Music To Smoke To: Curren$y – Pilot Talk III

I was just thinking about the time I went to a Curren$y show back in like, what?  2010? Not only was I WAY early, but I think I was the only person in the 21 and over section. I didn’t let that ruin my experience though, because for those last couple years almost anything Curren$y released was something I downloaded and bumped to while I smoked. I kinda lost touch with Spitta after the years, because as bad as this sounds, I maintain that the only way to listen to Spitta is when you’re high, and for awhile I wasn’t smoking (employment reasons), so I wasn’t really checking for him, or his sound. And let’s be honest, Curren$y is one of those artist you kinda have to check for, he’s popular, but you won’t see anything about him scrolling at the bottom of you preferred music/entertainment channel.

And please don’t get it twisted, none of that was to say he’s bad, or that you, yourself shouldn’t listen to him whenever the hell you want. Curren$y is dope, that’s just how I prefer him. Let’s see, some basic facts about Curren$y? He’s from Louisiana and he’s been rapping for what seems like forever, back in 2002 he was signed to No Limit Records, and was even signed to Young Money, he has he own label now called, Jet Life Recordings. They don’t call him Spitta for nothing, dude can flow! He’s created an iconic mixtape with fellow weed-rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and I bumped his “Twistin’ Stank“, (hard in the paint remix) for like 6 months straight…no joke. Other things? Spitta’s sneaker game is on lock, he loves cars, and his babies.

Check out more Curren$y if you can (Instagram), light one up and enjoy Pilot Talk III:


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