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Nug Shots By @Northwestgreens

I’ve shown you guys shots from @northwestgreens as part of my “Daily Dabs” posts that I’ve ignored lately (planning to revive it soon). I don’t want to use his government name, but I will say it’s been a pleasure getting to know him, he’s been pretty kind to me. He’s a great resource when you need strain or shop recommendations, and he’s pretty knowledgable on a lot of the local medical growers here in Washington.

I’ve collected a bunch of pictures from his Instagram feed and wanted to share them with you here. You can contact him there if you’re looking for someone to take great pics of your nugs, plants, concentrates, or any other weed related things you can think of.

How does he get his shots? @Northwestgreens uses a DSLR and shoots horizontal using 2 external flashes in front of a black, felt background. His camera settings are f9.0, shutter 1/160 sec and he adjusts the iso as necessary for exposure. He takes 5-10 shots per bud and then stacks the focus using photoshop.

I recently linked up with him and he shared some Tangie & Jack the Ripper dabs with me and man, I was on another planet!


Now that I’m thinking about it, aside from the dab instructional video I recorded ages ago, he’s the only person I’ve regularly dabbed with (I’m still new to that scene and don’t have a rig or fancy torch). Boy does he loves his dabs! He’s also very fond of the Tangie strain, so fond he’d probably marry it and have it’s little tangerines.

Have I said enough about this dude yet?

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*Please note that I added the strain names and graphics to the images, not @northwestgreens.*

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