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Reader Mail 4/6/15 & Upcoming Features

Today I received the above comments/messages on our Facebook page and I wanted to clarify a couple things about Mrs. Nice Guy and what it is I do here or hope to achieve. (please note that a couple of the comments are out of order and for whatever reason it wouldn’t let me reply under Mrs. Nice Guy a second time)

1. This blog was started by me, for me to document my journey with cannabis since I’ve become a patient and it’s legalization (it’s in the “about us” section). I started it to share strain reviews, news, and any related content to anyone interested in what *I* have to say. So yes, a lot of what’s on here will be my own opinion, but many times I’ve urged other consumers to share their experiences with me from store visits to strain reviews, I’ve even shared the interactions (here and here) and reviews (there’s a section for it). On every social media account I have I ask what people would like to see, and when I have visits I do ask what others would like to know. An important thing for people to understand is that there are many people who still don’t feel comfortable talking about weed.

2. I pretty much run Mrs. Nice Guy alone when it comes to content, my friend Flintironstag does help me with a lot of the web stuff and will contribute when he has time, but aside from that, it’s all me. Mrs. Nice Guy is something I do on my personal time after my REAL job and I receive no pay for it, there are no agendas here.

3. If you don’t like my blog, my reviews, or my opinions, you’re more than welcome to stop reading at anytime/unfollow me. There are plenty of other people who enjoy what I’m doing.

Why am I taking this so personal? Because I don’t want people thinking I’m putting up some facade, I really do care what other consumers have to say, but if they’re not sharing those things with me, or ask me not to discuss it there’s not much I can do about that. With all that being said, since receiving those critiques, I have decided to start a forum section and an attempt to create some sort of polling system with my strain/product reviews. Please be patient as these new features are updated.

If anyone has any store/strain reviews/experiences they’d like to share, or have something they’d like to see/share on here, please feel free to use the “contact us” page, email:, twitter: @bumblebeenie, or contact me on Facebook.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

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