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Reader Mail: How To Find Organic Weed?

Hey guys! I received a message from “S” and as always if I think the information is useful to others I will gladly share it.

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“S” –

I reached out to Sue from the Cannabis Chronicles, and Shon from New Vansterdam for some clarification on this, and both had the same thing to say about the topic. Technically nobody can be certified as “organic”, that designation can only be given by the FDA and since weed is still illegal on a federal level that title can’t be given to a drug the feds consider illegal. The grower Emerald Twist is Clean Green Certified (here’s an easy explanation), they’re a group that uses the same standards as the FDA for organic certification, so it’s basically organic, you just can’t call it organic. Stupid, right? Many growers like CannaMan Farms and Bondi Farms try to be as organic, or environmentally friendly as they can. There’s no official list, so the best I can tell you is to speak with your budtenders when you’re picking up whatever you need. Part of their job is to know where the products they’re selling comes from, and some may have even tagged along on grower visits. New Vansterdam, holds “meet the grower” events twice a month (that is liable to change), and so do many other shops in the area (Green Theory in Bellevue is another), if your preferred shop doesn’t, try suggesting them. This Friday, New Vansterdam will have the grower Avitas on hand to meet with consumers. The owners of High End Market Place personally got out to meet and visit with every grower/processor they carry in their store.

Another thing I would like to suggest is looking up the growers/processors online. When I first started buying and reviewing strains that’s something I was very diligent about. More often than not you’ll find that the growers/processors do have a web page, and if they don’t most are active on some type of social media platform: Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook usually…Google+ too, but who really uses Google+?

Regarding the forum, I think I jumped the gun with that a bit. It’s still something I want to roll out, but I want to make sure it works properly first. I’d also like to have some topics set up so people can start interacting. I hope to have this done soon, thank you for your patience.

“S”, I hope I was able to answer some of your questions, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any in the future. One of my goals for this blog is that when I’m not posting “fluff”, that I am able to help my readers when they have questions they can’t find answers to.

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